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In a recent letter to the editor, Democrat candidate for Freeholder Larry Luttrell had the audacity to attack Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger's remarkable record of public service.  As a life long Middletown resident, I can honestly say that there are few elected officials as accomplished, effective and generous as Freeholder Scharfenberger.  He was a volunteer mayor and has served on over a dozen boards and commissions as a volunteer.  Mt. Lutrell's attack on his volunteerism is an attack on every volunteer who gives of their time and talents to serve the community.  This is clearly an instance of a candidate with nothing to offer the taxpayers who must resort to attacks on someone who has stepped up time and again to serve the community.  This must be born out of the frustration of Mr. Lutrell having run, quite unsuccessfully, for office five times in a row and is left with no other resource than to disparage a career volunteer.  Mr. Lutell would be better served examining his own party and the reckless policies it espouses, which has made New Jersey one of the most expensive, and mismanaged states in the union.  I will be honored to cast my vote for Freeholder Scharfenberger and his running mate Sue Kelly on November 6th.


Richard C. Winters
Lincroft, NJ