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Once again, when the Atlantic Highlands public thought that the local election for council would be positive and fact-based, the Democrat candidates attacked my record with lies.  Below are the resolutions and my votes regarding the tax increases for the past six years:



Doyle’s Vote

Amount of Tax Increase



Resolution 058-2017





Resolution 077-2016





Resolution 076-2015





Resolution 100-2014





Resolution 108-2013





Resolution 057-2012




There are other important FACTs that the Democrat candidates failed to mention: 

  • Mayor Le Grice removed Democrat Roy Delloso as finance committee chair in favor of me in 2017
  • No tax increase in 2017 under my leadership as finance chair
  • I recommended $70,000 in cuts and savings for 2017, but Mayor and her Democrat council had no suggestions
  • I voted against $1.1 million tax increases over the past six years (check resolutions above)
  • I introduced zero-based budgeting & set the tone for borough debt reduction
  • By far the most knowledgeable elected official on Atlantic Highlands finances (licensed CPA, earned MBA, employed as a financial analyst)
  • Democrats consistently voted for tax increases (check the resolutions above)
  • Sue Tidswell and I will vote against any future tax increases
  • You can trust Sue Tidswell and me to put taxpayers first & manage your tax dollars wisely

Sadly, just before their lies and misinformation were being delivered, Mr. Hayden, one of my opponents, sent the following text last Wednesday  "Dear Pete and Sue, I have very much appreciated the issues-focused campaign from both sides sticking to fact.  I sincerely hope we’re not going to resort to misrepresentations with just one week left.”

My votes and efforts for taxpayers and Atlantic Highlands are part of the Borough records and the official minutes (above are the hyperlinks to them). My opponents make false statements regarding my voting record a few days before election, making it very difficult for the public to verify the truth.  They cherry-picked documents,  not distinguishing between votes to introduce resolutions for discussion and votes for final decisions.  Clearly, they are confused.  The good people of Atlantic Highlands, deserve better.

Do not be surprised by more negative attacks and lies over next few days. The Democrat candidates and their  handlers have no shame and will revert to any means to win this election.  They have NO platform, NO independent ideas, and NO concern about the high costs that are driving our seniors out of Atlantic Highlands.  

I served my country as a U.S Army officer for 9 years after graduating from West Point, where integrity and honesty are cornerstones.  After leaving the Army, I earned both an MBA and CPA.  In my current job I talk daily with CFOs of Fortune 500 companies about their financial performance, a position that requires they respect my honesty and integrity, and a job giving me experiences that are applicable to Atlantic Highlands.

I have been a Councilman for 12 years, becoming the most knowledgeable elected official on the budget and always fighting for those who do not have a voice.  I am proud of my voting record and my running mate, Sue Tidswell and I will continue to put the taxpayers first.  Your vote for Sue and I will send a message that local elections are no place for lies and personal attacks.

This election is about who will use your hard-earned tax dollars wisely. Both Sue and I have academic backgrounds and real-life experiences and professions dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars. We will say NO to tax increases. Our opponents have not explicitly come out against tax increases. The choice is clear!

Kindest regards,

Peter Doyle


Borough of Atlantic Highlands