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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I often feel that Middletown is run by insiders who have been returned to office by voters too preoccupied to demand accountability.  But after meeting Tricia Maguire, a candidate for Middletown Committee, I am pleased to offer my endorsement for her candidacy.  You only have to meet Tricia personally to sense the genuine nature of her commitment to open dialog and dedication to facing Middletown’s public issues inclusively.  To know that she has an educational background in psychology and child development simply points out why she is pledged to transparency in government, just as parents hope to develop the trust of their children through honest conversation. 

For too many years we have been sending the same people to represent the Middletown community with the result that decisions are often made behind closed doors.  It is time for fresh, well-informed perspectives, unfettered by long term behind-the-scenes influences.

I urge voters to support Tricia Maguire for the Middletown Committee.


Barrett Thiele