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david prown 120Rarely do I go to a movie twice, even if I love it….well, recently I saw THE ADDAMS FAMILY movie twice - Let me explain.

1st time I went, the previews were a full 30 minutes long... RIDICULOUS!!!.  By the time the movie rolled around, I was in a full fledge deep sleep. I am the king of the catnaps, but in this situation, I slept for the entire frickin’ movie.  Seriously, I had to be awaken by a patron leaving the theater. Well I guess I just invented “The $9 Nap”.

Went back again this time with grandson in tow.  As a baby boomer, the Addams family TV show was a major player in my TV watching routine. This new film featured the voices of such ubers at Charlize Theron, Bette Midler, Allison Janney, Snoop Dog & more. 

I was primed…. IT WAS AWFUL.  This time I stayed awake throughout and it was Painfully boring.  This movie was NOT made to placate us baby-boomers, rather today’s

Younger kids.  They built this movie around daughter Wednesday...maybe the shows most boring character.  What about Fester and the light bulb in the mouth; what about

Lurch and the famous “You Rang” or what about the phone ringing and Thing handing Morticia or Gomez the phone.

Oh well, guess I wasn’t the target market..but I sure didn’t hear many laughs at all and 

ZERO applause at the end.