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david prown 120Like a zillion other folks, I saw the 1st 4 Rocky movies and totally drank the kool-aid. Tough to continue to top the formula, the actors and the soundtrack.

The Creed films (2 in the book) are an interesting off shoot but so hard to continue the saga. To walk the most difficult line of developing new characters & new setting while marrying aspects and players of the original Rocky series is near impossible.

Lots of like about young Mr. Creed (Michael B. Jordan), bride Bianca (Tessa Thompson) and his regal Mom played by Phylicia Rashad. But we are talking about seriously hard shoes to fill from the the originals.

I desperately miss the original Apollo Creed, his trainer, "Adrian", "Paulie" and "Mickey" … really strong characters…combined with an historic theme song. Hence the pretty strong presence in Creed 2 of the the original Rocky, Sylvester Stallone, even in the now fighting role, highlight the film.

Love the return to the touches of the Rocky IV story line with Dolph Lungren (Creed Killer), his monster son and the silent but very striking Brigitte Nielson helps move the film along. But the highly restrained presence of the iconic Rocky theme song especially in keys parts of the film(training scenes) was so disappointing.

This movie will reel in the Rocky fans for sure but the pass along/word of mouth just won't be that strong. Pretty forgettable movie 20 minutes after the film is over. The bar for Rocky-ites like me is just too high and the story line is just not that engaging enough for newbies to the Rocky saga.

Entertaining yet thin