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david prown 120I was definitely looking forward to seeing the movie "Dunkirk" based on the true historical event set in early World War II.

With the Germans at their strongest (and pre USA involvement in the war), seemingly easily drive the English and French soldiers east through France to the Atlantic Ocean. Now surrounded and hemmed in by the ocean, several 100,000 troops were sitting ducks for German ground and air as they waited for boats/ships to come rescue them.  The situation was extremely grim and feel of imminent death seem painted on each soldiers face.

With the British Navy on its heels and undermanned, the government "asked" their citizens with boats to head across the 26-mile English Channel and help help their soldiers home.

A very visual movie with very few lyrics. Music and sounds dominated this film and no doubt when there was bombing scenes your seats shook.

The downside to the movie was the heavy British accents led to some real difficulty understanding the dialogue. In addition the uniform/plane/ ship colors of war between the Allied and German forces had lots of Browns and was definitely difficult (frustrating) to separate who was who.

I happened to see the movie in the Hazlet movie theater and was fortunate to be wearing long pants, socks, shoes and had a hooded sweatshirt. I think because of this intense heat these movie theaters are cranking their air conditioning and it was freezing in there despite the clothing I was wearing. And I felt particularly sad for for the many seniors in the audience, no doubt so veterans, who were not prepared for that movie watching temperature. I always bring a coat as this theatre temperatures are totally a wild card

Throughout the movie you clearly feel the pain and anguish of war..something most of us have never known. Maybe because there was no real leads in this film shown primarily in air, land and sea war settings, you did not bond with anyone person except the one elderly British citizen who leads his small boat thru much adversity to get to Dunkirk.

This citizen boat deployment was clearly not sensationalized in the film and was all rather serious and focused.  Their heroism was for real yet the looks on the soldiers faces was once saved implied only slight relief. Though not explained, they knew they would be redeployed again against a vastly stronger military force.

Although I really wanted it to, this film simply did not get inside me and stay there.  Enjoyed the film but sadly it did not grab me.  Love the short 107 minute length and any more would have had a diminishing return effect.