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david prown 120LA LA LAND is one of those movies that has had a very strong buzz and lots of hints towards year end award love. This throwback "Song and Dance" movie stars strong actors "Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone" (with snippet roles by John Legend….yes singing & J.K. Simmons).

The story line of a solid musician/wannabe entrepreneur and a struggling actress who find each other and fall "old school" in love. No doubt, the romance is enhanced on screen with the perfect touch of song and dance.

There is really nothing "not" to like about this show as long you take it "as a show…to be entertained". Tap your hand on your knee or nod your head or just sway to the music, just enjoy and embrace it for what it is..

Set mostly in Los Angeles with plenty of LA-esque shots/back-drops, this film sure to be a box office hit with the Greatest generation and most baby boomers…after that, hard to tell.

It is a beautiful assembled piece of entertainment that makes you warm and cozy (yes, I snoozed a bit) and love the simplicity of the films structure and design. It is a an nostalgic, romantic film takes nice small, forward moving steps and never goes astray. You want to "Go back" for $12 bucks, here you go.

Love that Stone & Gosling show their own very good, but not perfect chops singing, dancing and playing. Adds to the engagement of the audience to the big screen show.

Good stuff!