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To the Editor:

I just watched the video of the 3:30 p.m October 30, 2017 Middletown Township Special Meeting about the proposed recycling and garbage contract. Only one committeeman was actually present; neither of the candidates for reelection bothered to attend.

It certainly sounded as if a public commenter, who asked a simple question about the reason for meeting in the afternoon, not at night as usual, was being disrespected.  The township attorney kept jumping in to answer her, as has been his practice, acting as if he were a sixth elected committee member, while Committeeman Scharfenberger mostly sat silently.

That process violated their own meeting rules. Years ago, I pointed out to them their own official policy that all comments need to be directed to the chair and answered by a member of the committee. Then, if they so choose, they can direct someone else, e.g. , the attorney  or administrator to respond.

They did not seem to be explaining patiently to the (female) commenter!  I doubt that Tricia Maguire, who has been most gracious to me, will treat a public commenter that way!

It is past time for new blood in Middletown. 



Carolyn Schwebel

Leonardo, NJ