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david prown 120It has been several weeks since I saw "Boy Erased" and probably gone most theaters.  But you will be able to find it in short on some on-line service.  It was an uncomfortable film and hence writing the review yielded the same feelings..just so inhumane.

This is a hard/angst-causing movie was set in the 60's with strict religious parents. Dad Russell Crowe with the highly respected pastor with a devoted "in-line" wife played marvelously by Nicole Kidman.

When their college son (Jared) "comes out", they send off their gentle son off (marvelously played by the surging Lucas Hedges) to a unlicensed conversion therapy school.  Mom and Dad think this place will "cure all" and don't inquire into methods nor even initially react/question tactics when shared by their son.  This "school" is led by the terrific Joel Edgerton who often plays meaty, serious roles (like this one)

A hard movie with hard themes no doubt based on true stories (but nearly inconceivable in today's world).  Thank goodness Mom breaks rank as her maternal instincts trust her son and his description of the "classes".

Very very well done....very very hard to watch